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MDCC baseball visits Batson Children's Hospital

MDCC baseball visits Batson Children's Hospital

The Mississippi Delta Community College baseball team recently spent the afternoon with patients at the Batson Hospital for Children in Jackson. The players split into groups of seven spread out over four floors and spent time engaging with the pediatric patients in activities such as painting, drawing, video games and interacting face-to-face.

"This was such a positive trip for our players because it provided them with a newfound perspective," MDCC head baseball coach Dan Rives said. "The strength of those children was truly something to see and hopefully we were able to lift their spirits, even for just a little bit."

The Batson experience made quite the impact on the student-athletes involved as well, especially for sophomore Devontae Rhodes.

"The atmosphere at Batson was so welcoming and filled with love, as the staff greeted us with open arms as they explained to us what takes place in each unit, on each floor," Rhodes said.

"Despite their illnesses, the children were especially grateful and enjoyed the time we spent with them and the knowledge we shared. However, seeing them made us realize that we cannot take life for granted, so we must cherish the little things in life that pays big dividends. The children are continually in our prayers and we believe they will overcome their adversity."